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Justice & Wood Builders is the perfect one-stop, full-service professional no matter what your construction needs are. From initial concepts and sketches to fully engineered drawings to the final building inspection, we handle it all.

What does the term "Design / Build" mean? Design / Build firms are unique in that we offer a one-stop solution to your construction project. We are experienced in and capable of doing the necessary design work required to give your project life.

Unlike firms that only build, we are also experienced in design and utilize computer programs to do design work and provide 3D computer-generated renderings so that you can see your project develop before we even start construction.

Often, a client will ask for an estimate on construction work without really having any sketches or drawings, only some vague ideas on what they want. This can be difficult to estimate without more developed concepts put on paper. Justice Building Company is one of the few construction firms in the area that can adequately handle this process.

Consider the following about Design / Build firms:

  • Having one point of contact for all questions and communications as the project moves forward
  • Architects are much more costly than Design / Build firms and are not required for the vast majority of residential and light commercial needs
  • Working with one company from start to finish also means that the responsibility and accountability lies with one firm for all of your design and construction work
  • Less chance of confusion between the person that designed the space and the contractors that will construct the space.
  • Redesign work tends to be minimal as much of the work is done up front. Any project refinements during the construction phase can be quickly discussed and appropriately addressed or implemented.
  • Changes to the plan can be made far more quickly
  • Design / Build firm have more experience with Both Phases
  • Design / Build firms know the cost of materials and labor. They take these costs into consideration as they develop a design that works within your budget range. Surprises and budget overruns are less likely due to detailed planning.
  • They are accustomed to being "in" the space, not just creating blueprints. A construction background gives the designer a better perspective on the use of the space. They are experienced in creating "the final result" of their designs.
  • Design / Build firms understand project timing and scheduling. They are familiar with permits, lead times and how long each task should take to complete. These firms also have relationships with suppliers and tradesmen they can refer to during the design process. All of this adds up to better timing for the completion of your project.

Justice & Wood Builders is a full service Design / Build firm. We're with you every step of the way. From project concept to completion, you deal with just one company, committed to quality and excellence in your project.


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