Investor Opportunities

Real Estate Investments - Orlando and Central Florida

For those interested in alternative investments for their portfolio, new home construction is an ideal area to invest and with several successful projects of this nature, Justice & Wood Builders is a great partner for you!

In today’s economic environment, we are seeing historically low interest rates combined with historically low inventory. Combined, these two conditions are causing record sales and rising sales prices. Millennials finally buying, growing need for home offices, and easier borrowing are just some of the things that are bringing new buyers out. And there just simply isn’t enough supply to meet the ever-increasing demand.

What does this mean for an investor? It means your project should sell quickly and with close respect to your asking price, providing a solid return on your hard-earned money. You may even be able to utilize your IRA to finance the project and we can introduce you to an administrator to help.

Justice & Wood will assist you with finding a lot, selecting the proper plan and finishes, budgeting, and finding the right lender if you are leveraging your investment. And we will also bring the right Realtor on board that has experience with the product we select and in the area of town we are building, ensuring the quickest sale of the asset.

Justice & Wood is very respectful of your investment and will work closely with you make sure you’re successful, outlining a pro forma from the very beginning to help you make smart decisions. And, we build much faster than our competitors allowing for quicker and larger returns.